Environmental Site Assessment

Secure Your Investment with Our Comprehensive Environmental Site Assessments for Property Due Diligence


At 74 Degree, our Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are critical tools for any real estate transaction, ensuring that environmental risks are identified, quantified, and managed effectively. Aligned with ASTM E2018-15 standards, our ESAs are designed to protect our clients from potential liability by thoroughly assessing a property’s environmental condition. We conduct detailed investigations to identify any contamination or compliance issues that could affect the property's value or usability. From initial records review to site inspection and reporting, we provide a holistic analysis that supports informed decision-making. Rely on our expert team to guide you through the complexities of environmental risks, helping you to navigate potential challenges with confidence and strategic insight.

    Type of Environmental Site Assessments we specialize in

    Phase I ESA

    Phase II ESA

    Contamination Assessment

    Vapor intrusion Survey

    Tank closure Assessment

    Remedial Action Plans

    Sampling and monitoring

Liability Protection
Informed Purchasing Decisions
Compliance Assurance
Public Safety and Health
Property Value Preservation

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