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At 74 Degrees, we specialize in providing comprehensive Property Condition Assessments (PCA) in accordance with the ASTM E2018-15 standard. Our assessments involve reviewing documentation, conducting detailed property surveys, interviewing stakeholders, and compiling findings into actionable reports.

Documentation Review: Evaluation of all pertinent property documents.
Walk-Through Survey: Inspection of the property to identify any observable deficiencies.
Interviews: Discussions with property managers, owners, and tenants to gather additional insights.
Detailed Reporting: Delivery of a thorough Property Condition Report (PCR) that outlines deficiencies, suggests remedies, and estimates costs.

    Type of PCA we specialize in

    Baseline PCA

    Equity PCA

    Triple Net Lease PCA

    Limited Scope PCA

    Repositioning PCA

    Pre-Lease or End-of-Lease PCA

Risk Identification
Informed Decision Making
Financial Planning
Negotiation Leverage
Asset Management
Due Diligence

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