Structural Assessment

Ensure Building Integrity with Our Expert Structural Assessment Services for Safety and Longevity

Structural Assessment

At 74 Degree, our structural assessment services are dedicated to ensuring the safety, stability, and longevity of your building’s structure. Using cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise, we provide detailed evaluations of building structures to identify potential risks, design flaws, or deterioration that may impact building integrity. Our assessments are crucial for property owners looking to maintain their buildings, adhere to safety standards, and plan for future renovations or expansions. Each assessment culminates in a comprehensive report that offers actionable insights and recommendations tailored to extend the life of your property and enhance its safety and functionality.

In-Depth Analysis: We conduct thorough examinations of the structural elements, including foundations, beams, columns, and load-bearing walls.
Identification of Issues: Our experts pinpoint areas of concern such as cracks, corrosion, water damage, and other signs of structural wear or failure.
Detailed Reporting: Clients receive an extensive report that outlines current conditions, potential risks, and recommended remedial actions.

    Type of Structural Assessment we specialize in

    Visual Inspection

    Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

    Load Testing

    Forensic Analysis

Cost Efficiency
Increase Property Value

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